Bitcoin 2.0 is a new decentralized cryptocurrency. It is not a fork of bitcoin and was developed from scratch, using latest technologies. 

Unlike original bitcoin and most of other so called altcoins Bitcoin 2.0 is using Proof Of Stake algorithm also known as (PoS)


                                                BITCOIN 2.0 ADVANTAGES


  • Anyone can be a miner (validator) . There is no need to have any fancy and expensive mining equipment. Just any laptop or computer with online access will be sufficient


  • There is no need to have a powerful energy supply; as a result no added cost on the electricity bill.


  • The stake holders (validators) are more loyal as they have held the stake for long times. The forgers who have held coins for a more extended period have more chances to be picked up. It leads to the creation of a local network.


  • The transactions time are much faster (All payments confirm in a seconds)


  • There are almost zero fees. Anyone can send any amount of bitcoin 2.0 anywhere for less than a cent.


  • Also PoS (used by Bitcoin 2.0) offers solutions to the Bitcoin scalability problems.